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Cloud Servers: Affordable, Flexible, Powerful

Cloud servers provide the flexibility that allows you to effortlessly deliver content to your visitors, no matter what your traffic looks like. Managed cloud servers with top-notch security and reliability typically cost hundreds of dollars each month, but they don’t have to — keep scrolling for pricing and plans that won’t break the bank.

What makes Izoox different?

100% uptime guarantee*

This uptime guarantee is backed by every provider we work with. Worrying about your website or applications going offline will become a distant memory.

Managed to the Core

Every service we offer is managed including free website transfers from an experienced support engineer

No long-term contracts

If we want to keep you as a customer, our cloud servers need to perform optimally and bring their A-game, every single day.


Windows? Linux? Regardless of the operating system (or combination of systems) you use, you’ll have the flexibility you need to create one heterogeneous unit.

Worldwide server locations

When you use cloud servers that are closer to your customers they get lightning-fast load speeds and quick access to your content.

Customer Love

"Before switching to Izoox’s hosting services two years ago, Blue Hawaiian was working with an unreliable company. We were constantly worried that we’d be locked out of our website, which would have been a disaster — the business depends on customers being able to access the website. Now, we finally have peace of mind. Izoox’s support, knowledge, reliability, and consistency are excellent. I don’t worry anymore, because I know they’re on top of things."

Mitchell Hokoana Director of IT, Blue Hawaiian Helicopters, Inc.

"Since switching to Izoox’s hosting services, there’s one big theme that stands out: straightforwardness. We fully trust Izoox to keep our website up and running, and they’ve always been flexible, even offering out of the box solutions when needed. We haven’t experienced any issues, but whenever someone has a question support is always timely and personable. Frankly, we don’t talk to the Izoox team all that often because there’s no need; everything just works exactly how it should."

Michael Stano Vice President Technology, Giordano's

"Izoox stands out from other hosting providers due to their fantastic service. Simply put, you won’t find another provider who will answer questions so quickly. When we submit a support ticket there’s a response in 2-5 minutes (and that’s not an exaggeration). We were originally referred to Izoox over 10 years ago and would enthusiastically recommend them to other businesses."

Ryan Wasserman CEO, Healing Natural Oils, LLC

"We have been using Izoox for nearly 10 years. Our former hosting provider’s response time was so poor that our website would be down for days while we waited for a resolution. With the Izoox team, I sometimes feel we are their only customer because their response time is so quick. Questions are answered and problems are solved within minutes instead of hours or days. Over the years I’ve come to rely heavily on Izoox for all of our hosting needs. Their products and expertise are second to none."

Rhonda Jenkins Chief Operating Officer, MacKinney Systems, Inc.