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Inbound or outbound, your emails will be secure, reliable, and spam-free.

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Cloud Email: Protect How You Communicate

Phishing attacks, viruses, malware, spam… keeping your inbox safe and streamlined isn’t easy. The importance of keeping your outgoing and incoming messages secure and reliable can’t be understated, but it can be simplified. Secure email eliminates spam before it ever hits your mail server, and this highly effective filter gives hardware resources a break from working overtime. You’ll have more bandwidth, too — no more sorting through a sea of spam or cleaning things up after a virus hits your network. The email delivery process is also streamlined, thanks to powerful systems that make sure your messages get sent every time. Email is vital for doing business, and now there’s a safer, more reliable, and faster way to communicate.

What makes Izoox different?

Let us manage things

During installation, every detail is checked and functionality is verified. Then, whenever there's a question, we're here to help.

Spam? What spam?

Keeping spam out of your inbox is great. Catching spam before it ever hits your servers is even better.

Reputation protection

Consider this: Your office manager opens a virus. Their email list is slammed with spam. Recovering from that snafu is hard, but with Cloud Email, you don't have to worry.

Every email sent (and received)

If your email server is down, the handy gateway spools emails and sends everything once you’re back online. Messages will still be received, too.

Remain compliant

Sending an unsolicited email can lead to hefty fines. Stay penalty-free with a robust Outgoing Filter that ensures spam is never sent.

Customer Love

"We have been using Izoox for nearly 10 years. Our former hosting provider’s response time was so poor that our website would be down for days while we waited for a resolution. With the Izoox team, I sometimes feel we are their only customer because their response time is so quick. Questions are answered and problems are solved within minutes instead of hours or days. Over the years I’ve come to rely heavily on Izoox for all of our hosting needs. Their products and expertise are second to none."

Rhonda Jenkins Chief Operating Officer, MacKinney Systems, Inc.

"I’ve worked with technology companies in the past, and they were all about one thing: money. From the beginning, Izoox has allowed me to do what I need for the size of my business, always within my budget. In 11 years, we’ve never had a security issue and any question we have is answered in minutes. I continue to add additional Izoox services to my business toolbox because they’re easy to work with and they understand my needs completely."

Rodrigo Gil Moreno de Mora, PT, DPT, MA President, Diamond Peak Physical Therapy

"As our company grew, so did our email security needs. Our old provider didn’t have the capacity or level of security we needed. After comparing pricing and technology, an IT consultant recommended Izoox’s Secure Email. They were competitive in all aspects, but the level of support really stands out. We feel more at ease now — even across different time zones, tech support is a 10/10. Issues are resolved quickly, and they’ve never tried to sell us more than what we need, which is so rare in this industry."

Sara Pou Executive Manager, Pro-Can Construction Group

"Other hosting providers I’ve used have been hit or miss. If the product was high quality, the service was poor, and vice versa. With Izoox, I finally have it all, including personalized solutions for my business and my clients’ businesses. They tell me what I’ll need (in a down to earth way) and then leave the decision making to me. I rely heavily on Izoox and am regularly amazed by how fast problems are solved and questions are answered. They’ve even helped with outside issues; The other day, a CDN problem was resolved in 7 minutes. You just can’t get this sort of customer service elsewhere."

Todd Mumford Principal, Director of Strategy, Riverbed Marketing