Ecstatic About Hosting Support

Izoox is ecstatic about support because we are serious about our customers and their websites. You shouldn't have to worry if your server is down; you shouldn't have to tell your web hosting provider that your website is down. To give our customers the best possible service, we combine continuous server and website monitoring with knowledgeable, friendly and ridiculously fast support staff. Trust us to know if your server is down before you or your customers do. That is our guarantee and we stand behind it 1000%.

  • Seriously Monitored Every server and applicable service is continuously monitored
  • Passionate About Support We love taking part in helping others reach their goals on the web
  • We Know The Web 10 years in website hosting as well as website design... let's just say we know the web
  • Accountability Our staff is responsible and accountable for their involvement with our customers
  • Awesome Support Experienced staff who choose to be friendly, knowledgeable and incredibly fast
  • We Always Listen Understanding the problem before taking action helps us save your time and money
  • We Value Your Business We'd love for you to take part in the web hosting eco-system we created so your company can thrive

Emphatic About Server Security

When it comes to protecting what's most important to our customers, Izoox is emphatic. It's not as simple as running a firewall or installing an SSL Certificate. It's about designing web hosting services that are impenetrable from the ground up. We believe that every aspect of our hosting environment needs to be thoughtfully designed with security in mind. That way we know about potential attacks before they happen and can squash them before they get anywhere.

  • Security Monitoring Every host is constantly monitored for vulnerabilities and threats
  • Locked-Down Services Management services such as SSH are locked down
  • Maximum Password Security Strong passwords are required and changed regularly
  • Logs Kept and Monitored Logs are kept and frequently processed to detect security threats
  • Impenetrable Operating Systems Operating system updates are maintained and continually hardened
  • Bulletproof Firewalls Multiple firewalls are maintained including at the network and web application levels
  • Always Up-To-Date All software and packages are kept up-to-date to maintain a high level of compliance and security

Excited About Website Performance

There are few things more priceless to an online business than having a blazing fast website. That's why Izoox is excited about web hosting performance. We utilize our strategic partnerships employing our extensive wealth of knowledge about the web, to make sure our customers sites are served up at ridiculously fast speeds. Achieving the holy grail of website performance is accomplished by a secret recipe of software, hardware, and performance based network routing.

  • High Performing Reliable Storage Locally attached 15,000 RPM SAS hard drives configured in RAID 10
  • Ultra Fast Network Transfer 10 Gigabit network backbone for public routing and Gigabit private network connections
  • Next Generation DNS Ultra-fast Anycast DNS with geo load balancing and fail over for maximum performance and reliability
  • Priority in the Right Places Service heartbeats integrated into request load balancers
  • Multitasking Performance The latest top of the line multi-core Intel server-specific processors
  • Service Segregation Separate servers for mission critical services to ensure maximum security and performance
  • Custom Configurations Custom performance-centric configurations for all services involved in serving web requests
  • Scale Hardware as Needed Auto-scale your services when you need more power, no downtime, no reboots