General Mail Settings

Modified over a year ago

Use the following general settings to set up and configure your e-mail client to work with Izoox email using the POP3 (default method) or IMAP protocols:

Field / Item Value Description
Display Name
Your Name
Your Name The from-name that others will see when you send e-mails
E-Mail Address
E-Mail Your full email address
Account Name
Nickname Nickname for this account within your e-mail client
User Name
Account User Name Your full email address
Account Password
******** Your secret password, do not share with anyone
Incoming Mail Type
Account Type
Receiving Mail Type
POP/POP3 (default)
The protocol used for retrieving mail from your Izoox account, POP/POP3 is the default
Incoming Mail Server
Receiving Mail Server
Incoming Server
Receiving Server
Incoming Mail
Receiving Mail
POP/POP3 Server
IMAP Server URL of the mail server address, typically mail.{your domain name}
Incoming Mail Server Port
Receiving Mail Server Port
Incoming Server Port
Receiving Server Port
Incoming Mail Port
Receiving Mail Port
POP/POP3 Server Port
IMAP Server Port
110 (for POP/POP3)
143 (for IMAP)
Port used for POP/POP3 or IMAP connections
Outgoing Mail Server
Sending Mail Server
Outgoing Server
Sending Server
Outgoing Mail
Sending Mail
SMTP Server URL of the mail server address, typically mail.{your domain name}
Outgoing Mail Server Port
Sending Mail Server Port
Outgoing Server Port
Sending Server Port
Outgoing Mail Port
Sending Mail Port
SMTP Server Port
25 (default)
Port used for SMTP connections, port 25 is the default but port 587 can be used if your ISP blocks port 25
Secure Socket Layer
Secure Connection
Incoming Encryption
Receiving Encryption
Outgoing Encryption
Sending Encryption
Off / Disable (default)
On / Enable (contact Izoox)
Disabled by default, enabling forces an encrypted connection to be used for all data transfer, please contact Izoox directly for specific settings if you would like to use this
Outgoing Mail Authentication
Sending Mail Authentication
Outgoing Mail Login
Sending Mail Login
On / Enable
Enable outgoing authentication and set the login to "same as incoming" or explicitly set using your username and password
Secure Password Authentication
Off / Disable A proprietary Microsoft protocol that is never used