Web Hosting so simple it doesn't hurt anymore

It's everything you've always wanted out of your host and nothing you didn't.

Not all hosts are created equal. Only the best combine backups, impeccable hardware, state of the art networks, and flexibility into one stable and performance flavored package. Utilizing technologies like PHP's eAccelerator, your site will reach your customers faster, which gives you that edge you've been looking for.

What's Under The Hood?

  • Operating System The latest stable version of CentOS 6
  • Web Server Apache 2.2 or Nginx 1.0 (Coming Soon!)
  • Programming Environment PHP 5.3, Ruby 1.8, Python 2.6, & Perl 5.10
  • Database Servers MySQL 5.1 or PostgreSQL 8.5
  • Accelerated Hosting Optimized configurations, caches and incredible hardware
  • The Latest CPU Technologies Intel Xeon X5650 3.0 GHz chipset (Westmere)
  • Blazing Fast, Redundant Hard Drives 15,000 rpm SAS hard drives in RAID 10
  • Incredible Network Connections Redundant Gigabit Networks, Both Private and Public Connections