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Free Transfers

Free Website Transfers

All simple hosting plans include a free website transfer by an experienced Izoox support engineer. No more worrying about versions, paths, and configurations. Let us handle the transfer; we'll do the dirty work, and you can get on to better things.

PHP, Ruby, Python & Perl

PHP, Ruby, Python & Perl

No matter what your favorite programming flavor is, we've got support for your programming palette. We also have a great understanding of the best way to host each language, and have tested the implementations thoroughly. You can trust that your code will work properly in your private environment.

3rd Party Software Support

3rd Party Software Support

Full support for all of the popular open source applications include but are not limited to Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, osCommernce, ZenCart, X-Cart, and more! We've tested and certified that our hosting platform will accelerate your open source application; most of our customers use at least one if not more of these popular open source applications, you could be the next!

An Intuitive & Powerful Interface - Coming Soon

An Intuitive & Powerful Interface

As a hosting staple, a simple hosting system obviously requires a simple management tool. We've taken all of the common tasks, the ones you want at your fingertips, and put them right where you'd expect them. And for the web veterans… have no fear; you'll still have all the flexibility you've come to expect, we made sure of it.

Multiple Data Centers

Multiple Data Centers

Izoox's Simple Hosting allows you to choose where your website will be hosted. You can choose from data centers in the United States or Europe (with others slated for the near future), getting your website to your customers faster. It's so simple it should be wrong... but it's oh so right!

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