Simple Hosting Free Website Transfer

For a limited time, have an Izoox technician transfer your website and all of its components (e.g., Files, Email, DB, etc.) FREE to any one of our high-performing Simple Hosting products!

Which Products?

This promotion applies to the Simple Hosting products found on the Simple Hosting page only.


Customer must meet the following criteria to be eligible for this offer:

  • Customer must be a new Izoox Customer purchasing one (1) or more new hosting plan(s). Existing Izoox customers do not qualify.

What is Covered?

The following are covered under this promotion:

  • Transfer of all website files (i.e., HTML files, PHP files, CSS files, Javascript files, media files, etc.)

  • Transfer of all email associated with the domain if moving from a POP3/IMAP service to Izoox hosted email. Keep in mind that POP3 service will only allow the transfer of Inbox email items; IMAP will allow transfer of all applicable folders of email.

  • Transfer of up to 3 MySQL databases. External access via PHPMyAdmin (or similar) or exports of these databases must be provided.

  • Modification of DNS records. FYI, Izoox offers managed domain services and if you transfer your domain to us Izoox will handle all aspects of the domain and DNS free of charge for as long as the domain remains registered with Izoox.

  • Reconfiguration of basic server configurations necessary to get the website up and running. Izoox technicians reserve the right to determine what is a "basic" reconfiguration and what is not.

Other Limitations?

On top of any exclusions or restrictions already listed, the following are other limitations of this promotion:

  • All eligible hosting plans must be purchased within 24 hours of Customer opening an account with Izoox.

  • Customer must open a support ticket requesting to initiate the free transfer process within 24 hours of purchase of new hosting plan as a new Izoox customer. Customer must open a separate ticket to request the transfer of each hosting plan.

  • Only one (1) website domain name per Simple Hosting plan is covered under this promotion.

  • Customer must provide all access information, credentials and transfer-applicable information at the time an Izoox technician requests it. Izoox reserves the right to terminate this promotion if Customer does not provide all necessary information in a timely manner. FYI, Izoox will typically need FTP username/password, FTP server URL, DB username/password, list of email accounts with username/passwords, email IMAP/POP3 connection information and DNS modification access.

  • Up to one (1) hour of service from an Izoox technician is covered. If a website takes longer to transfer than 1 hour, Customer will be charged at a rate of $95/hour.

  • This promotion covers the transfer of Customer website and related components only; it does not cover fixing of any existing issues with Customer website or related components.

  • Customer website must be prepared to work with our hosting software specifications. If it is not Izoox will continue the transfer, at Customer request, and make the necessary changes at a rate of $75/hour.

  • Databases covered under this promotion are MySQL databases only. Up to 3 databases are covered; additional will be billed at $75/hour.

  • Any promotion exception or anything not covered under this promotion will be handled, at Customer request, at a rate of $75/hour.

  • Izoox reserves the right to refuse this promotion at anytime, to anyone for any reason.