30-Day Risk-Free Trial

We believe that you will love our products as much as we do! To prove this to you, we guarantee satisfaction with our No Contract 30-Day Risk-Free Trials on many of our hosting products! If you aren't completely wowed, we'll return your money, no questions asked.

Which Products?

This promotion applies to certain products only:


Customer must meet the following criteria to be eligible for this offer:

  • Customer must be a new Izoox Customer purchasing one (1) or more new hosting plan(s). Existing Izoox customers do not qualify.

What is Covered?

The following are covered under this promotion:

  • The plan's entire base server cost. The base server cost is the cost of a server without any add-ons (e.g., when purchasing a Cloud Server plan and adding prepaid transfer and an additional IP address, the prepaid transfer and IP address are not considered part of the base server cost).

  • Prepaid transfer (minus a prorated usage amount). See below for further information on how prepaid transfer and pay-as-you-go transfer charges are calculated.

Other Limitations?

On top of any exclusions or restrictions already listed, the following are other limitations of this promotion:

  • All eligible hosting plans must be purchased within 24 hours of Customer opening an account with Izoox.

  • To be eligible for a refund, Customer must close account and cancel all products and services with Izoox within 30 days of account opening. To be eligible for an account credit for a qualified product/service, Customer must cancel the qualified product/service within 30 days of account opening.

  • Customers eligible for a refund must contact Izoox directly at 855-GO-IZOOX within 24 hours of closing account and cancelling all products and services. Customers eligible for an account credit must open a support ticket requesting the credit within 24 hours of cancelling a qualified product.

  • Due to potential abuse, only one (1) hosting product is covered under this promotion. When purchasing multiple plans, this promotion will cover the lowest-priced product.

  • Due to the potential abuse of transfer usage (e.g., spammers, temporary file hosts, etc.), Izoox will prorate a Transfer Charge for each cancelled plan. For plans with pay-as-you-go transfer, Customer will be charged for the amount of transfer used at a rate of $.15 / GB. For plans with prepaid transfer, Customer will be refunded the entire prepaid transfer amount and charged a prorated amount for the portion of transfer unused at a rate equivalent to the prepaid transfer (e.g., if Customer purchases a 100 GB prepaid transfer plan for $29 and uses 10 GB worth, Customer will be refunded $29 and then charged 10 GB * ($29 / 100 GB) => $2.90). If Customer is eligible for a refund, the Transfer Charge will be applied to the refund amount. If Customer is eligible for an account credit, the Transfer Charge will be applied to the account credit.

  • Izoox is not responsible for transferring websites, website settings and/or any other data away from Izoox. At Customer request, Izoox may help retrieve and/or transfer data away at a rate of $95/hour.

  • Any promotion exception or anything not covered under this promotion will be handled, at Customer request, at a rate of $75/hour.

  • Izoox reserves the right to refuse this promotion to anyone for any reason. If Izoox does refuse this promotion, Izoox will be diligent and notify the Customer of the refusal and offer a complete refund within 48 hours of order being placed.