Dedicated servers set you free from sharing

Take full control of every aspect of the server or let us manage it for you.

Izoox Dedicated Servers were specifically designed for throughput. When you need that extra level of I/O, the kind that sets you back in your seat, pulls your face back, and makes the highschool boys go "Yeah!". Choose the dedicated box that fits your budget and you can't go wrong because each server's specs were hand picked to cover most scenarios while keeping it simple.

What's Under The Hood?

  • Many Operating Systems They sky is the limit as it concerns your taste in operating systems
  • Multiple Data Centers Mirror your site or balance it between your customers geographic region
  • Incredible Network Connections Redundant Gigabit Networks; Private and Public Connections
  • World Class Processors The perfect CPUs to chomp through mountains of data
  • Plenty of Fast Ram Loads of ram for motoring through countless tasks
  • Mirrored & Striped Raid Raid storage is available on all dedicated servers

Operating Systems

Web Servers