Powerful Web Hosting in Multiple Data Centers

The simplest way to give your website redundancy, security and a global online presence!

Multiple Data Centers San Francisco, CA Ashburn, VA Amsterdam, NL South America Asia

Grow Your Business

With the power of the internet your business can grow globally. To accomplish this you need a hosting company who have give you a presence close to geographically close to your customers. With forward thinking, we've placed data centers in the best internet hubs around the world, getting your website to your customers faster, guaranteed!

Protect Your Business

Sometimes circumstances are beyond your control. That's exactly when you need insurance, and in the web hosting industry the best insurance policy is a well defined disaster recovery plan. This typically means that you have a geographically diverse network, spreading your precious data out over the globe. With our diverse network, natural disasters won't even make you flinch anymore.

Maintain Your Business

Sometimes there are unforseen hiccups in life; in rough times it pays to have a fallback. With data centers on either side of the United States and in Europe you can fall back on one of the most proven networks on the web! Let us handle the complexities of mirroring your website so it can withstand whatever trial life throws at it.

Powerful Connections, Redundancy and Security

Network Connections – Redundant Tier 1, 10GB connections from Level 3, NTT and AboveNet.

Power Infrastructure – Redundant power grids fed into UPS clean power. Hot swap generators with 48 hours of reserve capacity.

Cooling Equipment – Dual water-cooled systems constantly regulate temperatures.

Fire Protection – Halon fire extinguishers, VESDA smoke detection and predefined reaction zones.

Seismic Protection – Extra-thick reinforced concrete walls with seismic retrofits.

Flood Control – Moisture barriers, dedicated pumps, drainage/evacuation systems and moisture detection.

Physical Security – 24 x 7 on-site security, state of the art video and audio monitoring.

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