Cloud computing accelerates your website

Cloud servers give you performance, flexibility, scalability and redundancy.

Cloud Servers are geared towards scalable applications. Utilizing Izoox load balancers you can instantly add and remove Cloud Servers from your application stack. This is typically called horizontal scaling which allows you to scale without downtime as well as fitting your resource stack to your actual utilization, saving you money! Moving from Simple Hosting to Cloud Servers is an obvious next step if you run a website with moderate traffic, adding security, performance and flexibility.

What's Under The Hood?

  • Tried and True Images Izoox Images with a variety of operating systems
  • Community Images Glean the best configurations from a wealth of community experience
  • Custom Images Build your own image and reuse it whenever you need
  • The Latest CPU Technologies Intel Xeon X5650 3.0 GHz chipset (Westmere)
  • Blazing Fast, Redundant Hard Drives 15,000 rpm SAS hard drives in RAID 10
  • Incredible Network Connections Redundant Gigabit Networks; Private and Public Connections

Operating Systems

Web Servers