2012 is the Year of Growth and Change!

Posted by Matthew Scalf in Izoox Announcements, Izoox Talk | Published Feb 18, 2012

Data Centers Map

As always, we are prepared for growth and ready for change. Today we have some announcements in both arenas. After trudging this long in the hosting industry we've learned one thing; our customers need choices. Choices are like gold when you are a business in this day and age. Because of that we are announcing updated pricing, giving you more choices, as well as a new data center, also giving you another choice. To facilitate all kinds of business and hosting configurations we are changing the way we offer cloud and dedicated servers. First, we're lowering the base price! This should allow more business to get the cloud or dedicated hosting that they need. Next, we are breaking up bandwidth into several tiers. Previously we had set bandwidth limits on each package, based on the calculated average usage across the country. After having ...

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