The Izoox Partner Eco-System

Posted by Matthew Scalf in Izoox Announcements, Izoox Talk | Published Jan 31, 2012

Part of the new and exciting changes we are making at Izoox is defining new and strategic partnerships. These partnerships are long term relationships with companies who are industry leading superstars that we've joined with to bring our customers better hosting products. Our first and most pivotal of these partnerships was with GoGrid. They are an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) company who specializes in cloud servers. They also allow us to offer incredible dedicated servers, load balancers, as well as cloud storage. With GoGrid handling the hardware and network backbone of Izoox, this freed us up to build custom software implementations on top of that infrastructure, therefore providing better hosting solutions to our end users. Shortly after that partnership was formed, we started looking for a single SSL certificate partner to simplify our complex and somewhat confusing former SSL certificate offerings. ...

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New Izoox Hosting Website Launches!

Posted by Matthew Scalf in Izoox Announcements | Published Jan 30, 2012

Last night at 10pm MST we launched our new site! This is a huge step for us as we turn a new leaf with the company. We are in the process of focusing the divisions of Izoox. If you received our recent newsletter you'll know that this means we'll have a division for hosting and a division for web design and development. While we cannot yet release the details of the new web design brand, we can tell you that this will all be in favor of each of our customers. We'll be bringing you better pricing, new technology, and better support. That's a guarantee! You'll also notice on our new site that we have some new products and new pricing. This is really exciting for you as a customer or a potential customer because our new products are more affordable ...

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