Donating School Supplies to Kids in Thailand

Posted by Matthew Scalf in Izoox In The Community | Published Oct 31, 2011

Kids in Thailand

We believe in social responsibility. It’s always been extremely evident to us that there has to be more meaning to what we do than 1’s and 0’s, more than servers and networks, and especially more that a simple paycheck. A huge part of what makes Izoox what it is today is our belief in helping others. Don’t worry, this isn’t a letter asking for you to give a penny-a-day or anything like that. We simply wanted to share with you the recent incredible opportunity we had to take part in helping others in a less fortunate situation.

One of our family members was taking a trip to Thailand to volunteer with an organization that is committed to helping women and children be freed from the sex trafficking rings that take over their lives. This topic is quite disturbing to us because not many people are even aware of how prevalent sex trafficking is in other countries, or even in the US. It’s a scary thing to think that some one could enslave another human and do such horrific things for something as trivial as money, but it is a reality we need to face.

Our part in this effort was a meager donation towards purchasing children school supplies and uniforms. You’ll see in the pictures below that these kids have very little in comparison to what we easily take for granted. Our donation was enough to purchase an entire school-worth of supplies and clothing for the children. It’s an eye opening experience when something so small goes such a long way¬† in helping to improve upon the lives of others in need.

Below are some of the pictures sent to us of the kids the donation was benefiting. When the volunteers return from this trip, we will have more photos of the kids after they have received the gifts to share with you. I for one can’t wait to see their faces! Stay tuned…

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