Webmail for Izoox-Hosted Email

Posted by Matthew Scalf in Izoox Announcements | Published Nov 04, 2009

For customers who access Izoox-hosted email through webmail:

We have recently made a few upgrades to our system, of which, one that may concern you. If you use or have bookmarked http://www.izooxmail.com to access your domain’s webmail, please begin using http://webmail.your-domain-name.com to access your domain’s webmail; the domain http://www.izooxmail.com is no longer available for webmail use and all domains have a personalized webmail address to be used.

For example, if your domain name is coffeerocksexample.com then you will access your webmail at http://webmail.coffeerocksexample.com. If you have any domain users who still access http://www.izooxmail.com, be sure to inform them of this change immediately.

An additional note, we will be rolling out a new and exciting webmail interface for you in the coming week! Login and check your webmail next week to experience the planned upgrades.

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